in which jaebum has a crush on bambam..

the way mark looks at jackson ( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣


Tell me a Kpop group and I’ll tell you the member I find the most attractive!

Anonymous: On a scale of VIXX to Block B how embarrassing are you


big byung

jacksonofabitchh replied to your post “rule #1: ship the person you got tagged from rule #2: answer the…”

gurl i’ve done this tag thing before lol and I SHIP YOU WITH JIMIN<3 /throws shirtless jimin at yuu/

/catches shirtless Jimin and puts on a shirt for him so he doesn’t catch a cold/ thank you for shipping Trimin I LOVE YOU FOREVER. 

I don't think we can ever get tired of each other and even if we ever ran out of words to say, we'd just be content of being near each other.
flying-yi-en: Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Please copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful! Cos you're an awesome person who runs an amazing blog so you definitely deserve this message, okay? okay Tricia! Xiao mei mei here loves you ♡

Thank you Rachel~~ ^o^ this 姐姐 loves you too! 


Im Jaebum (임재범), Choi Youngjae (최영재) | Smart Uniform Photoshoot

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rule #1: ship the person you got tagged from
rule #2: answer the questions. feel free to answer in full sentences
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Self Intro
How old are you and what’s your Chinese zodiac?
A: ‘94 line and my zodiac is dog

What sun sign do you have?
A: Pisces

What is your height?
A: We’ve been through this many times T_T 153 cm

What kind of body shape do you have?
A: Not sure… I think I’m more top heavy

Describe your fashion sense.
A: white tee, jeans and sneakers I am Kim Namoon’s ideal type. But yeah mostly plain tees and jeans and sneakers. Or hoodies with shorts. I like to dress cutely yay.

What are your hobbies?
A: I’m on Tumblr all day what are hobbies. I really iike to bling stuff. 

How would others’ describe you?
A: I think my friends will know me as whiny LOL. and my perfect10n members will think am violent ahaha.

Are you more of a quiet or loud person?
A: I like being quiet when I am in the mood to. Otherwise when I’m high I get so darn noisy nobody can shut me up.

Do you prefer spending time on your own or in a group?
A: It really depends on who I’m with

What do you like/dislike?
A: I like Starbucks and Gongcha and Smoothie King. And I love dimsum esp the ones in HK and I like to travel. I love sweet things and um I like to take a lot of selcas. Ramen is faveeeeee and I like to snack?? I also like colours a lot. So my nail polish collection is huge. I like to spend money too. Ask stylenanda, they have all my money.

I dislike Park Jimin. He hurts my heart too much.

Are you talkative or not?
A: Yeah I am. Unless I’m not interested in what you say or I don’t like you

Any other hints? (Photo optional)
A: snorts nah

About him/her
What kind of height do you prefer?
A: Perfect height is 170 to 175 for me tbh.

What kind of position do you prefer? (vocal, dance, etc.)
A: Doesn’t matter. If I like you then I like you.

What are your turn on’s?

What are your turn off’s?
A: If you smoke or drink or yeah. Or if you aren’t willing to try anything fun.

What kind of fear would it be okay for him to have?
A: it’s ok to be afraid of heights and insects i suppose. I can kill the insects for him xD

Ideal date?
A: Just be sweet to me. And make me happy. That’s all I need :))

Any other hints?
A: /whispers/ Trimin forever

Want to be shipped with: anyone that comes to your mind yay

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jackson tv 📺


you’re both cute so shut up

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